Life Science Chemistry

Chemistry plays a central role in modern drug discovery. Our team of chemists are experts in organic synthesis, synthetic method development, bioorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry, and interact closely at our main Berlin site. From hit-to-lead and lead optimization to scale-up, biotransformations, and physchem characterizations, our team of scientists help turn your hit molecules into drugs.

Our team of more than 130 PhD-level scientists and laboratory professionals from big pharma, small biotech, or directly from top international universities have decades of know-how in all areas of small molecule medicinal chemistry research.

We are first and foremost drug hunters equipped with strong organic synthesis knowledge and hands-on experience in order to effectively transfer ideas into practice within. Working closely with colleagues across NUVISAN, we engage daily in design and synthesis, using medicinal chemistry experience to expedite all aspects of the drug discovery process.

Drug candidates can be prepared on decagram and up to kilogram amounts in our scale-up and special technology labs. During these efforts, we explore a broad range of synthetic approaches to enable scalable and reproducible synthesis of your target compounds, while priding ourselves on putting safety first.

Purification and analytics is co-located with our synthesis laboratories in Berlin and offer a range of purification, quality control, and structure elucidation capabilities. Analytical and large-scale (chiral) high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) separations—including the use of super-critical fluids (SFC) as eluent—and a dedicated nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facility are part of the service portfolio. Furthermore, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure ensures secure, paper-free data handling across NUVISAN, as well as with clients.

NUVISAN brings a unique offering to the drug discovery industry with our microbiological chemistry platform, where we assist with drug metabolite identification and production using a toolbox of several thousand microorganisms. Protein and plasmid production is also conducted in bacterial and insect cell systems.

When it comes to shipping and storing, our logistics department handles thousands of solid and liquid samples every day, using a mixture of advanced robotics and human expertise. Strong IT and fully barcoded systems help to ensure that researchers inside and outside of NUVISAN quickly receive the samples that they require. We also safely store tens of thousands of building blocks and reagents that are used by our synthetic chemists. To top it all off, our shipping has the expertise to organize worldwide shipments smoothly.

Drug discovery efforts are greatly aided by the rapid physchem characterization of your compounds during, hit-to-lead projects. Here, test compounds can be triaged through a range of tests to assess log D, kinetic and thermodynamic solubility, stability, ionization (pKa), and crystallinity. Collaborative approaches within Life Science Chemistry allow for covalent binder measurements involving, for example, thiol nucleophiles or the determination of experimental polar surface area (EPSA) via SFC.