In Vitro PK & DDI

Our in vitro compound profiling services include state-of-the-art assays for in vitro metabolic stability (liver microsomes and hepatocytes), permeability and transporters, in vitro protein binding and blood partitioning, CYP inhibition (reversible and irreversible), and CYP induction. We offer data rapidly, reliably, and of the highest quality and provide scientific support by explanation of the results and the suggestion of appropriate screening strategies to overcome ADME liabilities.

In vitro pharmacokinetics and drug–drug interaction studies (DDI) play a central role in drug discovery projects by guiding chemical optimization. Our assay platform covers all routine in vitro PK and DDI screening assays for small molecule drugs using state-of-the-art technology, and we provide valuable input for drug discovery projects in all stages. Focusing on your requirements, we support your research with tailor-made solutions, medium-throughput manual assays, or fully automated high-throughput screening assays on robotic systems. Furthermore, our experienced, PhD-level scientists have a strong understanding of the interpretation of the results, integrating these into the project context, and setting up structure–property relationships. We can accommodate your needs, whether for screening services or the design, performance, and evaluation of screening cascades.

Our in vitro compound profiling services include assays for