Our scientists have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, allowing them to select the optimal model system to achieve your next milestones. NUVISAN develops customized, homogeneous, or heterogenous cellular mechanistic assays to characterize different modalities (e.g., drugs, antibodies, PROTACs, gene therapy approaches) or the underlying biology of therapeutic targets. Our high-quality in vitro and ex vivo biological model systems facilitate the establishment of structure–activity relationships (SAR), the identification of biomarker candidates, or the exploration of the underlying signaling pathways and mechanisms of action (MOA).

With our broad portfolio of mechanistic cellular assays, we deepen the understanding of your drug discovery program. We help you to select the best drug candidates, elucidate the molecular drivers of efficacy, and identify biomarker candidates. NUVISAN’s scientists develop robust and relevant scalable cell-based assay solutions so that your drug discovery quest has the best chance of success. Based on many years of experience with various successful pharmaceutical projects for our clients, we offer a wide range of mechanistic cellular assays that meet industry quality standards.

We offer: