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EFMC-ISMC 2024 XXVIII EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

September 01-05, 2024
Booth #13
Rome, Italy

DMdg 50. Open Meeting

September 02-04, 2024
York, England

Latest News

ALS‘s Strategic Acquisition Drives Innovation and Science

The global leader in testing, ALS Limited acquired NUVISAN on April 1, 2024, integrating advanced drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development capabilities into its growing portfolio. With ALS’s commitment to high-quality and personalized solutions spanning from drug discovery to post-commercialization, this strategic acquisition presents specific opportunities for our customers.

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NUVISAN is the first Gyrolab® Certified CRO in the EU!

NUVISAN proudly announces its achievement as the first Gyrolab® Certified CRO in the EU! Experience unmatched efficiency and rapid immunoassay solutions as we revolutionize research with our state-of-the-art Gyrolab® platforms.

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ALS takes ownership of NUVISAN

With the acquisition of the remaining 51% shares by ALS, we are excited to join the ALS group and contribute to strengthening its pharmaceutical footprint in Europe. The announcement marks a significant milestone for us, representing an opportunity to expand and grow. Through ALS, we gain access to a global network of knowledge and innovation that will drive our development.

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Explore NUVISAN's Insights

Explore NUVISAN's scientific publications, videos, webinars, and more to gain insights into our solutions and projects, and see how our teams can support your scientific journey.

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Drug Discovery & Development meet Scientific Excellence

The NUVISAN group is a Contract Research and Development & Manufacturing Organization (CRO/CDMO) with five sites in Germany and France.

We offer unique, high-quality, and tailored integrated solutions along the drug discovery and development value chain to our biotech startup, pharma, non-profit, and venture capital clients – from target identification to the patient.

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, we know how to discover, develop, and bring the next-generation medicines to market. At the same time, our scientists understand that every project is different. With a flexible and innovative approach and transparent communication, our teams are passionate about collaborating closely with you to adapt to your needs.