HTS Library

Our industry-leading compound collection contains > 3 million high-quality small molecules. Built and carefully selected based on the big pharma legacy collections, we provide access to a diverse and novel chemical space that cannot be found in other commercial libraries (80% unique structures). Every compound has associated data in our Life Science Database (LSDB) containing ~1 billion data points for fast decision-making during hit selection.

Library Sets Available for HTS and Virtual Screening

Properties and Uniqueness of the Compound Library Available to NUVISAN for HTS and Virtual Screening

  • The NUVISAN HTS library is formatted in 1,536-well master plates and stored at −40℃.
  • Assay-ready plate (ARP) concept: To ensure fast onset of your HTS campaign, we have sets of ARPs, with 20–40 nanoliters of DMSO stock solution available. We produce the ARPs using two automated Echo plate replication systems.
  • Hit follow-up: The on-site automated REMP liquid store cherry-picks single tubes with DMSO solutions for up to 32,000 hits within 1 week. Larger amounts and solid material can be obtained from a solid store.
  • Safe storage: The power supply for the Berlin campus is secured by an on-site power plant.