HTS Facilities

Robust, reproducible, and meaningful assays are key to success at every stage of your drug discovery project. With our unique know-how and state-of-the-art HTS equipment, we cover high-throughput technologies to address a wide range of target classes. Our lab facilities and instrumentation ensure high reproducibility and sensitivity, as well as fast turnaround times, to identify your hits.

Lab Facilities

Located on the Bayer AG campus in Berlin, Germany, the NUVISAN screening labs provide modern state-of-the-art facilities for biochemical and cell-based assay development, high-content analysis, HTS, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization support. We have established procedures to work with biological samples up to biosafety level 2 and to handle genetically modified organisms (GMO) up to level S2. In addition, we can provide assay development and screening with radiometric formats (H-3, P-33, and additional isotopes upon request).

Instrumentation for Liquid Handling and Assay Detection

Based on many years of experience in assay development and HTS in a large pharma setting, our philosophy assures:

  • the greatest accuracy and reproducibility in compound handling by using acoustic (Echo systems) and capillary transfer devices (CyBi–HummingWell pipettors)
  • sufficient throughput via automated systems for large production campaigns
  • flexibility by providing access to stand-alone systems for short-notice support
  • all-time availability, with multiple identical systems for HTS execution and detection in case of downtime or maintenance
  • the highest standards for working in a safe and enjoyable environment