Compound Analytics

In our Life Science Chemistry services unit, we offer a broad range of analytical methods for characterizing and identifying the molecules we obtain. We do routine checks on UPLC-MS devices, which also allow us to conduct quick reaction checks. Quick-service NMR measurements permit rapid determination of the obtained products. Our optical lab characterizes the optical rotation, UV/VIS, or IR absorption of desired molecules. In addition to optical rotation, we also offer circular dichroism measurements.

Our in-house NMR laboratory offers quick services using two 400-MHz machines with samplers for rapid automated measurements. On our 500-MHz and two 600-MHz machines (with cryoprobe), we offer a broad range of 2D analyses (e.g., HSQC, COSY, NOESY, HMBC), including temperature-based measurements, for a deeper characterization of unknown compounds or by-products. In close collaboration with our structural biology unit, we offer fragment-based screening using, for example, STD-NMR. We offer a broad range of protein and ligand observers customized to your needs and targets.

In our MS laboratory, we characterize single and multiple samples from plates to support high-throughput screening. We perform well-plate-based purity checks so that several thousand samples can be analyzed in one go. In addition, the MS laboratory closely collaborates with our in-house microbiological chemistry unit to support fermenter processes and protein production.

Our optical laboratory completes our services by offering IR and UV/VIS spectroscopy, circular dichroism (ECD), and determination of optical rotation.

We combine our decades-long expertise to characterize your molecules in our special structure service team. Here, our experts combine several analytical methods to elucidate the structure of unknown compounds or metabolites, in collaboration with, for example microbiological chemistry from our metabolite discovery platform.

Prior to all in vivo studies, we routinely check all batches (including quantitative NMR, using internal standards) and create Certificates of Analysis with a complete characterization of your molecules.

The fully digitized landscape (LIMS, ELN, Warehouse, etc.) allows us to have rapid data exchange and data transfers directly with our customers. Your analytical data are handled with special care under state-of-the-art IT security best practices guidelines.

All of these services are offered on a fee-for-services basis. Just contact us directly, and we can tailor our experiments to solve your problems!