Discovery Chemistry

Designed by you; made by us. We reduce your compound ideas to practice. With our strong synthetic organic chemistry expertise and capabilities, we ensure an effortless path to your compounds. Direct and easy communication is key for our collaboration.

To start, your compound target list of structures is easily and securely transferred to NUVISAN chemists (e.g., via SharePoint or your preferred platform) so that we can start working.

Hands off: With decades of chemical synthesis experience, we adeptly design tractable synthetic routes tapping into modern retrosynthesis algorithms. Reagent sourcing—often from within our internal chemical warehouse—begins immediately so that synthesis can be initiated quickly. Our promise: We keep your efforts to a minimum as we expertly prepare your target compounds!

Organic synthesis requires broad theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience, and challenges sometimes arise. Here, NUVISAN chemists troubleshoot within the core team or together with experts in our scale-up and special technologies labs. We tap into various catalyst screening kits and can apply the designs of experiments in order to rapidly find appropriate reaction conditions prior to parallel synthesis transformations.

Good communication is key: We champion open and direct discussion, such as through biweekly progress report meetings. Medicinal chemistry research is dynamic, and as you respond to incoming new data, we can quickly change synthesis priorities to reflect this. As such, ad hoc meetings—and other communications channels—are always available so we can promptly reprioritize tasks.

Synthetic capabilities and platforms at a glance:

  • Over 30,000 diverse and hard-to-source reagents and intermediates
  • High-pressure hydrogenation and carbonylation labs
  • Flow, photoredox, and electrochemistry reactors