Protein Detection Assays

Detection and quantification of protein expression, modification, and regulation is the basis for fundamental project questions on mode of action, pharmacodynamic biomarkers, and efficacy of your lead candidates. At NUVISAN, we have experience in measuring protein expression and modification using a variety of assay formats, always tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Every novel therapeutic target will lead to new challenges in monitoring relevant downstream effects on proteins. At NUVISAN, we can help you develop novel assays on even unprecedented target proteins or modifications of proteins. In addition to traditional techniques (e.g., Western blot, ELISA, Meso Scale Discovery technology), we have experience with more sophisticated techniques, such as the Simple WesternTM system, which is an automated, quantitative, and higher-throughput approach to protein detection using capillary-based separation of protein targets by size.

We also use immunohistochemistry (IHC) and spatial profiling to detect different target proteins and/or modifications in different tissues to answer biomarker-relevant questions. Please inquire about your specific needs.

Exemplary services we offer:

In-cell Western assay for the detection of so far unprecedented AHNAK protein methylation by SMYD2. Each row represents a different SMYD2 inhibitor tested in increasing concentrations ranging from 39 nM to 50 μM. Example taken from Eggert, et al., J Med Chem (2016).