Single-Cell Sequencing

Single-cell sequencing is a breakthrough technology that allows whole-genome gene expression profiling of thousands of cells in parallel. Transcriptomics at the single-cell level is a quantum leap forward in understanding the molecular pathophysiology of diseases and the mode-of-action of compounds. NUVISAN is a certified service provider for 10x Genomics and offers high quality single-cell sequencing solutions with short turnover times at competitive pricing.

Project Setup

Adapted sample processing and sample logistics are the key to successful single-cell sequencing experiments. At NUVISAN, we have developed custom protocols for generating single-cell suspensions from various tissues, including depletion of cellular debris and removal of unwanted cells. We are constantly expanding our workflow portfolio and can customize single-cell sequencing protocols according to your needs.


Pricing varies depending on the project setup. Factors that particularly impact the project volume include the number of cells per sample, the desired sequencing depth, and the quality of the input material.

Please contact us with a short description of your project.