Discovery Pharmacology

At NUVISAN, our team of specialists offers high-quality pharmacology services, from preclinical translational research to clinical development. Through our long-standing industry experience with different drug targets and modalities in a broad range of indications, we know how to establish and implement novel mechanistic cellular assays and in vivo models. Using our large repertoire of models, we can support you in deeply exploring and understanding the biology of your drug development programs to unravel the molecular drivers of efficacy.

NUVISAN’s Discovery Pharmacology experts also support projects to identify and/or deconvolute disease-relevant targets across a variety of therapeutic areas. Using our state-of-the-art functional genomics and cellular assay platforms we offer both in vitro and in vivo

Our in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo models are complemented by the analysis of human samples. This assay portfolio enables us to perform thorough mode-of-action studies to optimize your compounds. We also utilize these assays to facilitate identification and validation of pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers. With our advanced in silico analysis tools, together with a diverse panel of disease-relevant in vitro and in vivo models, our cross-indication research team supports the indication expansion and repurposing of your existing assets.

Thus, we assist you to

  • get an innovative and substantiated start for your drug development program
  • enable early de-risking of your drug discovery project thorough target validation
  • find and optimize a lead by delivering high-quality data to explore structure–activity relationships
  • evaluate and preclinically validate target engagement/pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers
  • identify the most suitable proof-of-concept indication for your asset

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With decades of industry experience, our interdisciplinary teams have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to drive your project to the next level.