Protein Sciences

NUVISAN has over 25 years of in-depth experience in the production of a broad range of recombinant proteins, including large complexes and membrane proteins. These proteins are produced in different expression systems: E. coli, insect, and mammalian cells. At NUVISAN, we can offer a complete protein production process under one roof, with subsequent biochemical assays and screens, biophysical studies, and structural studies, which will greatly speed up and ease your drug discovery project.

Together with you, we start with the construct design of your protein of interest, guided by your needs. We continue with a multi-parallel expression and purification approach to quickly obtain a robust production protocol accompanied by thorough quality control that is suitable for any desired production scale. With our protein production team consisting of 30 lab professionals and PhDs, we have excellent turnaround times, depending on the expression system and scale needed. Our protein experts have experience with a wide range of challenging drug targets, including kinases, antibodies, glycosylated proteins, E3 ligases, proteases, metabolic/epigenetic targets, complexes, and membrane proteins, including GPCRs, ion channels, and membrane transporters. In addition, NUVISAN has further expertise in protein labeling for NMR studies and X-ray crystallography. We have implemented an efficient production pipeline that enables high-throughput manufacturing of recombinant proteins that is further optimized for the production of membrane proteins.

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