High-Content Analysis

High-content analysis (HCA) is an increasingly important field for the pharmaceutical industry in order to gain a better understanding of spatial and temporal phenotypic changes in a cell. We consider HCA to be an important cornerstone in the early drug-discovery process and dedicate an entire platform to it. Here, you have access to the full potential of high-content imaging and analysis. We have developed a wide array of assays and used them to screen compound libraries of up to 4.5 million compounds.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure enables us to seamlessly implement your HCA assays. Our collection of microscopes can accommodate standard 2D cellular assays up to demanding 4D cellular assays, as well as large-scale screening campaigns.

When faced with a target that cannot be tackled using traditional approaches, our scientists will support you in implementing advanced HCA assays. This can include complex phenotypic readouts, live-cell kinetics, or stem-cell-based systems.

Extending from 2D cell culture models, we are leading experts in establishing meaningful 3D cell culture based high-content assays that better reflect tissue or disease physiology, such as multicellular tumor spheroids or organoids.

We have more than 15 years of experience in conducting HCA screens, with libraries of over 4 million compounds. This experience extends to successful screening campaigns with more than 400,000 compounds on 3D models or FISH-HTS.