Toxicology Pathology

Post-mortem examination of organs, both microscopic and macroscopic, is an essential end point of in vivo toxicity studies. The regulatory requirements and volume of data to be processed make this a particularly demanding discipline. To meet these requirements, NUVISAN has a state-of-the-art and fully integrated necropsy and histopathology platform.

From necropsies to the handling of frozen or formalin-fixed organs, paraffin blocks, or unstained tissue sections, our team of pathology experts follows robust procedures for high-throughput processing, while ensuring data consistency. Our pathologists and toxicologists work closely together to interpret your pathological results and assess the safety of your test substance. We offer flexibility in our services: GLP or non-GLP, integrated or as a stand-alone service for external studies.

Our Services Cover:

  • necropsy
  • histotechnique
  • histopathology assessment
  • peer review

Our Solutions:


  • Special and standard histologic stains
  • Development of customized staining methods
  • Bone marrow smear evaluation

Molecular services

  • Immunohistochemistry or in situ hybridization
  • Tissue microarrays of different organs from all species except humans

Organ Data Bank (Formalin-Fixed and Frozen)

  • Different rodent strains
  • Mini pig
  • Dog
  • Non-human primate

Digital Pathology Platform

  • High-throughput slide scanner
  • Connected database to link whole slide images to metadata
  • Digital pathology peer review
  • SEND-conforming assessment of histopathology findings (in-house developed glossary)