Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology is an essential component in the evaluation of the toxicological potential of any new compound in laboratory animals. Indeed, clinical pathology provides a link to clinical observations and pathological findings because it is an important and sensitive tool for monitoring the onset, progression, and severity of toxicity in preclinical animal models.

Our in-house capacities for clinical pathological analyses can also be booked as individual services. For example, our services can support your study by helping to identify early safety parameters for preclinical safety studies and subsequent clinical monitoring in the intended patient population.

At NUVISAN, we make use of a state-of-the-art, fully integrated clinical pathology platform for comprehensive urine and blood analysis in rodent and non-rodent laboratory animal species. In addition, our experts can provide you with the scientific expertise you need for the interpretation of your clinical pathology results or the design of your study.

Our Clinical Pathology Services:

  • Analysis of common clinical chemistry, hemostasis, hematology, and urine parameters
  • Monitoring of specific clinical biomarkers
  • Integrated blood-based biomarker services from discovery and validation to robust assay development