Chemical Development

For the pharmaceutical, veterinary or cosmetic industry, our chemists have experience in route scouting and in developing scalable, innovative, sustainable, safe and robust processes up to GMP manufacturing for toxicological and clinical studies. We are also experienced at handling and manufacturing from the lab to the kilo-lab highly potent compounds and isotope labeled APIs.

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Process Research & Development

Process Development starts from lab-scale process evaluation through safety and scalability analysis, process optimization, purification development, and solid-state analyses. Our scientific team has extensive knowledge in the development of chemical processes, with a strong focus on solid phase characterization and impurity profiling. NUVISAN offers a full range of chemical development and pre-clinical chemistry services for the early-phase supply of drug substances.

The selection of the right synthesis route is a key factor to ensure successful development and scale-up across project phases to supply program requirements for API. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are fully equipped for a fast and efficient route evaluation, selection and scale-up for all kinds of chemistries (high and low temperature reactions, flow chemistry, chiral molecules and many others). NUVISAN’s highly experienced scientists are accustomed to focusing on robustness, effectiveness, high-throughput, purity profile, scalability, and safety of complex and multi-step chemical processes. As our client you benefit from our expertise at all points of the chemical development of your API, from early project de-risking to late-stage route scouting.

NUVISAN’s highly experienced scientists can also help you to synthesize your internal standards (2H, 13C).

What Is API Development In Chemistry?

Jean-Guy Boiteau

Jean-Guy Boiteau

Head of Chemical Development

API development in chemistry refers to design synthetic route, develop, and manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) - the biologically active ingredient of drugs that produce the desired therapeutic effect. The goal of API development is to create a robust, safe and scalable process that allow control of API quality for human use. API development typically involves multiple stages, including process development, scale-up, purification, and characterization.


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GMP Batch Manufacturing

Our fully integrated services from process development to non-clinical and clinical batch production ensure a fast and efficient delivery of your drug substance. Process development and kilogram batch manufacturing are performed on the same site by our highly flexible and qualified team of scientists to ensure that non-clinical supplies can be delivered at the appropriate time, and to speed up and reduce the costs of your clinical supplies. Batches from 1 to 10 kg of your intermediate or API can be produced in our kilo-lab with a control of the impurities to ensure successful pre-clinical studies.

Advance your candidate from non-clinical through Phase 1 clinical studies by scaling-up in NUVISAN’s GMP Kilo Lab. Our state-of-the-art GMP facilities, with 266 liters total capacity in 200m2 allows the production of kg batches for clinical studies. This work includes analytical method validation, CoA with specifications, PGI assessments. The batch records and technical packages from NUVISAN enable straightforward transfer to a CMO to produce larger batches of your API. NUVISAN can also produce radiolabeled APIs under GMP.

We can also handle and manufacture from the lab to kilo-lab highly potent compounds until HHB5 (OEL >0.1 µg/m3). Safe, Highly Potent API process development can be performed in our lab thanks to tailor made closed filters, tailor made powder introducers for charging reactors, and dedicated secured areas with breathable air. Highly Potent API manufacturing under GMP is also available. Dedicated secured areas including breathable air and single use glassware are available.

Solid Phase Investigations

NUVISAN’s highly experienced scientists can readily help you to select and control the solid state of your API. NUVISAN performs solid state investigations of small organic molecules to identify new solid forms such as polymorphs, salts, co-crystals or amorphous forms. These studies allow a better understanding of the solid state of your intermediate or your API.

Impurities Identification & Development

Identification and structural elucidation of impurities represents a frequent task in process development. NUVISAN’s highly experienced scientists can isolate, identify, synthesize and assess unknown impurities present at levels higher than allowed by ICH legislation (0.1 %). Our chemists can identify degradation pathways, and potential ingredient interactions that will facilitate the examination of the dossier by regulatory agencies. Following the impurity identification, NUVISAN also offers a toxicological evaluation on the impurities when needed. These services include but are not limited to literature search for non-clinical safety evaluation on ingredients (Pharmaceutical; Cosmetic: Margin of Security determination):

  • Chemical risk assessment (OEL and OHB classification, MSDS)
  • PDE assessment for medicinal product (EMA guidelines 2015)
  • Impurity safety assessment and qualification strategy (ICH Q3)
  • Consulting for gap analysis, preclinical development plan and monitoring of toxicology studies (screening and GLP)



To deliver high-quality solutions to our clients, we adhere to high standards for the development and manufacturing of your medicines: