Partner for Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Services with focus on small/large molecules and antibodies. We offer Pharmaceutical analysis for all molecules/ antibodies and Drug Delivery Formulation.

Equipment like 19 High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Systems allow us to cooperate with Big Pharma Clients.


Headcount: 21 (47% university graduates)

Storage Capacity: 130 m³

Inspections & Authorizations

GMP certified (2004)


Site was established in 1983

Developed from Big Pharma to Family Business: in possession of Shering-Plough and MSD.

Since 2011 part of NUVISAN.

Working Fields and Specialties

Pharmaceutical Analysis including small/large Molecules and pharmaceutical antibodies

TDS and other Polymer based Drug Delivery Formulations

Stability testing for all kind of conditions

NUVISAN Service Lines