Drug Discovery

Through our long-standing industry experience with different targets and drug modalities, we know how to establish and implement novel target-specific mechanistic cellular and in vivo assays.
Building on our existing repertoire of different models, we can deeply explore the biology of drug development programs to unravel molecular drivers of efficacy.

With target identification and validation, robust assay development for in vitro and in vivo characterization, in-depth biology exploration to support positioning into a specific disease, biomarker exploration and analysis of clinical samples as well as drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, our dermatological drug discovery solutions are truly integrated under one roof at our Innovation Campus Berlin site.

Drug Formulation Services

NUVISAN has acquired in 2018 the Sophia-Antipolis site, which was the flagship of GALDERMA's research and development in Europe. Through this NUVISAN gained and developed the topical drug development expertise, from formulation development to manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

Our team or 20 scientists has years of experience and is able to develop and test scaffolds with the objective of creating and/or developing creams, ointments and oils top the parameters needed.

The associated analytical and chemical services are highly supportive in assessing the objectives and fine-tuning through physical and/or chemical properties, which is a unique asset in today’s industry.

Chemical Synthesis

Our chemical synthesis process development - to GMP batch production, will support the topical formulation development by measuring and improving the drug product while joining its forces with the drug substance unit. Our ability to assess for polymorphism and work around the chemistry is not only unique in the offer but also a great shortcut in creating more value, faster.

Clinical Trial Supply Services

NUVISAN can support the whole process from manufacturing to primary and secondary packaging.

With dispatch sites available in Germany and France, and a network of depots across the globe, our team is here to guarantee efficient logistics to your clinical trial sites, wherever they are located.

Non-Clinical Testing

Topical drug delivery and safety assessment is essential to the preclinical stage of your development.

Our team are expert in developing topical products for pharmaceutical, OTC and dermocosmetic applications. NUVISAN provides all necessary models, in vitro and in vivo to help understand, develop and optimize your topical drug product, with the support of a comprehensive bioanalytical platform.

Our service portfolio includes In Vitro Permeation Testing (IVPT), on human skin obtained from elective surgery, to evaluate drug delivery into the various layers of skin and receptor fluid and aid formulation and dose selection.

Clinical Development

We can develop and assess the kinetics, comparative safety and efficacy of your topical drugs.

Our clinical facilities located in Germany (Neu Ulm and Gauting) have a solid experience in preforming trials for drugs delivered through the topical route.