Welcome to Clinical Genomic Biomarker Summit 2023

NUVISAN is a science-driven CRO/ CDMO, offering custom-tailored end-to-end solutions ranging from target identification up to clinical trials.

At NUVISAN, we can support your projects with state-of-the-art functional genomics solutions for target research and biomarker discovery, including comprehensive NGS and single-cell technologies as well as high-throughput CRISPR capabilities. Nuvisan’s broad genomics portfolio is complemented by our expertise in data science methods, offering you the bioinformatics analyses that accurately address your project needs.

As one of the first Certified Service Providers for 10x Genomics in Europe, NUVISAN has partnered with multiple pharmaceutical companies and biotechs to generate and analyse single-cell sequencing data from a large variety of sample types, including challenging clinical study samples.

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